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Saigon Rest Stop Vietnamese cuisine restaurant
in Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
VietCam Biz Supply and demand connection
business supportn services
Vinamart Cambodia Supermarket sells Vietnamese
products that have been developing for more than 20 years in Cambodia.
VietCam Logistics Freight and other
logistics services


Businessman Le Hong Thuyen: I understand Cambodian consumers

She did not dare to say she was a bridge for any enterprise to do business in Cambodia, but she will always try her best. Vinamart specializes in trading Vietnamese goods, where she can help enterprises promote their products. She enthusiastically shared her insights on the Cambodian market: The first time I went to Cambodia, […]

5/10/2019 Đọc tiếp

Vietnam Business Club in Cambodia launched

The Vietnam Business Club in Cambodia was launched in Phnom Penh, on August 28. The event was attended by Vietnamese Ambassador to Cambodia Vu Quang Minh, Vice Chairman of the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs Luong Thanh Nghi, along with representatives of Vietnamese agencies and enterprises operating in Cambodia. Addressing the launch ceremony, Nguyen […]

A trade surplus of US$ 3.2 billion to Cambodia

In the first eight months of 2018, Vietnam’s exports had a trade surplus of billions of dollars to Cambodia. This is noteworthy information on trading activities with ASEAN members, because Vietnam has a trade deficit of billions of dollars with big partners such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. The latest information from the General […]

Vietnam makes list of top three investors in Cambodia

Foreign investment in Cambodia has increased rapidly over the past years and Vietnam is among thethree largest investors in the country. According to the latest report of the Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC), the Cambodian Government approved 222 foreign direct investment (FDI) projects in the first eight months of 2019 with a total […]

Vietnamese bank expands investment in Cambodia

On September 4th, MB Cambodia Bank, a subsidiary of Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MB), opened a new headquarters and a new branch in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh. In his speech at the inauguration and license granting ceremony for MB Cambodia, Governor of the National Bank of Cambodia Chea Chanto affirmed that MB’s decision to […]



Real estate experts concerned about China’s investment restrictions

Real estate insiders are concerned about the effect that China’s decision to restrict large-scale capital outflows is having on the Kingdom’s market. Two years ago, China implemented a set of policies that imposed additional restrictions on outbound investment. The aim was to address concerns about large-scale capital outflows and mitigate perceived risks to China’s financial […]

Setting up a company in Cambodia

When setting up a company you may want to consider these factors: 1. Business Factors Business factors such as: The industry and type of business Nationality of the headquarters/individual(s) and Presence of existing trade agreements or relationships 2. Location Location will be another factor. Separate cities and regions may have different rules, costs and availability. […]

Things you need to know before starting a business in Cambodia

Out of 183 economies, the World Bank has ranked Cambodia 171st in terms of ease of setting up a new business. Cambodia saddles would-be entrepreneurs with a plethora of procedures to follow, and the average number of days it takes to register a business clocks in at 85–much more than in neighboring countries. Registering a […]

Major advantages of investing in Cambodia

Cambodia is the 6th Fastest Growing Country in the World. It comes second to Myanmar in the Southeast Asian Countries. Cambodia’s strong economic growth is the result of Foreign Direct Investments. These investments were poured into the country in the last 20 years. Investment analysis shows that FDI had increased by more than 800% in […]