Real estate experts concerned about China’s investment restrictions

Real estate insiders are concerned about the effect that China’s decision to restrict large-scale capital outflows is having on the Kingdom’s market. Two years ago, China implemented a set of policies that imposed additional restrictions on outbound investment. The aim was to address concerns about large-scale capital outflows and mitigate perceived risks to China’s financial […]
Đọc tiếp 20 Nov 2019

Setting up a company in Cambodia

When setting up a company you may want to consider these factors: 1. Business Factors Business factors such as: The industry and type of business Nationality of the headquarters/individual(s) and Presence of existing trade agreements or relationships 2. Location Location will be another factor. Separate cities and regions may have different rules, costs and availability. […]
Đọc tiếp 20 Nov 2019

Things you need to know before starting a business in Cambodia

Out of 183 economies, the World Bank has ranked Cambodia 171st in terms of ease of setting up a new business. Cambodia saddles would-be entrepreneurs with a plethora of procedures to follow, and the average number of days it takes to register a business clocks in at 85–much more than in neighboring countries. Registering a […]
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Major advantages of investing in Cambodia

Cambodia is the 6th Fastest Growing Country in the World. It comes second to Myanmar in the Southeast Asian Countries. Cambodia’s strong economic growth is the result of Foreign Direct Investments. These investments were poured into the country in the last 20 years. Investment analysis shows that FDI had increased by more than 800% in […]
Đọc tiếp 20 Nov 2019

Cambodia Investment Guide

Cambodia is the fastest growing country in Southeast Asia region, with 6.9 percent real GDP growth in 2017 and 2018E. The Cambodian people also have a rapidly growing domestic purchasing power. As of 2015, Cambodia has moved up to become a lower middle income country , with a gross national income (GNI) per capita of […]
Đọc tiếp 18 Nov 2019